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Yamaha - Acoustic

Handcrafted instruments of rare perfection Unparalleled in their beauty and musical range, grand pianos are the ultimate expression of the piano maker's art. Yamaha is proud to present a comprehensive line of incomparable grands that reflect the company's continually evolving acoustic and technololgy.

Yamaha - Clavinova

Yamaha Clavinova is, without doubt, the leading digital piano in the entire world. It is truly the standard the world follows and looks to when it comes to combining the wonder of technology with music. Pianists of every genre rave over the touch, tone and expressiveness of the Clavinova experience. You and your children too will benefit from piano playing and music to the fullest sense when you embrace the world of Yamaha Clavinova!

Yamaha - Hybrid

Combining over one hundred years of superb piano craftsmanship with the latest advanced technologies. A new identity for the piano, born from the fusion of twenty-first century technology and more than a century of piano-crafting experience. The blissful moment when you and the piano resonate as one... is here.

Yamaha - Disklavier

Disklavier is the modern day version of the “player piano.” Disklavier pianos are true acoustic pianos that incorporate fiber optic sensing systems, high performance solenoids, and state-of-the-art computer technology. These pianos can very accurately record piano performances and play back with all of the expression and nuance of the original performance. These instruments have many capabilities that provide a wide range of entertainment and educational uses.


Bösendorfer ranks among the world´s oldest piano manufacturer, rich in tradition and world-famous for its unmistakably inspiring sound as well as the outstanding quality of its instruments. The Bösendorfer piano company in Vienna, Austria, is exemplary of the art of Viennese piano making and sound culture traditions. Since 1828, Bösendorfer has produced grand and upright pianos with the unique Bösendorfer sound for concert stages, educational institutions, pianists and music lovers worldwide.

WM.Knabe & Co.

From the very beginning, William Knabe committed himself and his company to building fine, high performance instruments. Soon the great pianists of the world began to recognize this Baltimore piano maker's designs and craftsmanship. Concert halls all across America and Europe began featuring Wm. Knabe pianos. The Knabe has also been the chosen instrument of important conservatories of music, public schools and music departments of colleges and other institutions where musical instruction has a prominent place in the curriculum.


BALDWIN PIANOS continue to show an unceasing commitment to handcraft the finest instrument available today!

These are pianos that have distinctive rich tone and responsive touch that are preferred by many Grammy winning musicians! Whether a baby grand or a concert grand, a Baldwin will provide a lifetime of musical satisfaction.

Young Chang

YOUNG CHANG PIANOS A higher level of excellence - without compromise has been the piano building philosophy of the Young Chang Corporation from its outset! For decades many have been experiencing the passion and indulging in the dream of owning a beautiful Young Chang piano.


For church musicians over many years, Viscount Organs have become the standard. From a company of passionate organ builders, where fine organ music has forever been a passion, Viscount offers church organists and classical organ enthusiasts and professionals everything they desire. Always… without exception… sound quality is the main thing that Viscount focuses on, and with a strong craving for perfection!