Building a good organ is certainly no easy task. It requires expensive research and advanced technology. This is where Johannus sets the tone in the organ world. We have managed to build up a worldwide reputation. This is because we have been successful in transferring the beautiful sound of famous pipe organs over to our organs. We refer to this as Real Time Sampling. This is something truly unique and has resulted in the Johannus organ achieving an unsurpassed sound quality. Enthusiastic musicians and brilliant engineers all work together harmoniously at Johannus. This has led to fantastic new inventions. You can therefore no longer compare a Johannus organ to another electronic classic organ. That is well and truly in the past. You should position it next to a nice pipe organ. Only then will you find out just what we have achieved!


Contemporary home organs with unlimited potential For many decades, Johannus has surprised organists time and again with its Opus series. The concept is simple: complete home organs that offer a rich palette of possibilities. These contemporary instruments will blend seamlessly into the home of any organ lover. Best-selling organ It is easy to see why the Opus has been the best-selling organ in the Johannus range for many years. This traditional series with its rich versatility has been, and always will be, perfect for any organ-loving home. Smartly combining contemporary design, innovative technology and the unmistakably refined tones of a genuine Johannus instrument, the Opus 270 and 370 are a must play for today’s organist. Take a look for yourself and discover See this for yourself by taking a seat at the two-manual Opus 270, or the three-manual Opus 370. Cast your eye over the instrument and you will notice its diverse disposition of 36 or 42 voices (on the Opus 270 and 370 respectively), operated using illuminated tabs. You will also spot the 32-note AGO pedalboard and three wooden swell shoes.


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