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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network] "about the now 300 yuan can buy a pair of Nike shoes, 800 yuan can buy the original price of 1,200 yuan Howard dedicated basketball shoes, it is a bargain!" Yesterday, the upcoming school high school student Liu excited to show off to reporters from his newly bought shoes. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; two 6.5 fold, at least 700 minus 210 ...... street Nike, Adidas striking discounts so many people willing to orders, the former become big shoes the "civilian shoes," Why the recent sports brand crazy prices? & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; not only in major shopping malls in the well-known sports brand launched discounts, cash back and other promotional measures, brand stores on the st cheap jordans online reet also shouted eye-catching promotions slogan. Jiefang Road and East Street intersection in the city, Nike, Adidas, sports brand like a pair of two brothers tightly next to each discount period, discount efforts also have maintained the same tone, "the audience 7.8 fold, summer T-shirt 7.5 fold, two 6.5 fold "; Nike store on the House side streets are played" over 300 up by 70, up by 140 over 500, at least 700 stand by 210 "promotional rate almost equal to the country ...... sports brand. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Professor Lu Lijun School of Economics and Business University, Zhejiang think, from the environment in terms of the global financial crisis spread to the retail, clothing retail most affected the impact on prices is not opt Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping imistic about the market trend is obvious, sports brand, too. Never before "No price, no discount" high-end brands began this year to lower the figure frequently used from the "discounts" this market weapon. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; reporter learned from the industry, after last year's Olympics, several well-known brand has been plagued by large inventories. Financial Reports Adidas fiscal 2009 first quarter show that, excluding currency factors, the first quarter of the adidas Group value of inventories increased by 18 percent, such as in euros, then inventory value increased by 28%, from 1.578 billion euros a year earlier to 20.16 billion euros. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; clothing business Lin boss told reporters, Adida cheap jordan shoes for men s, Nike and other brands ordering system has its own peculiarities, we need six months earlier or a quarter of orders, order quantity The more that get a discount will be lower. Last year is Olympic year, many dealers are more optimistic on the market to determine. For diluted cost, under orders increased significantly, leading to an oversupply of the market this year, and now have a order to promote Concepts x New Balance 997 the United States produces "Luxury Goods" joint shoes, fashion name Concepts, for this launch of a special experience area, the shop details to cater to the theme of luxury packaging shoes. The is made of premium pig suede and leather, with a distinctive orange color, and comes with a bespoke insole and a plain white mi Cheap air jordan 12 ovo dsole. is currently available at a specialty store. 2015-2-7 upload and download attachment at 19:15, and (137.13, KB) [pictures from network] Ray Allen Miami, his Air Jordan PE style will have a big change in the Ray PE, usher in more exposure to the game before we look at a pair of him in the earliest period of the Sonics Air at Jordan XIII PE. The overall style of approximate later Celtic home court color, shoes in black tongue, embroidery and end use green collocation, the only characteristic is when the Ray PE is not logo jumper. 2012-11-4 08:13 upload and download attachments (108.76 KB) 2012-11-4 08:13 upload download attachment (106.52, KB) 2012-11-4 08:13 upload download attachment ( cheap jordans for sale 101.19, KB) 2012-11-4 08:12 upload download attachment (119.58, KB) 2012-11-4 08:13 upload download attachment (143.54, KB) 2012-11-4 08:13 upload download attachment (98.63, KB) 2012-11-4 08:13 upload download attachment (90.54, KB) 2012-11-4 08:13 upload download attachment (102.4, KB) Nike Kyrie 1 Shoes is owing to the designer of the following Nike brand behind the idea , an alternate way to improve this Nike TENfootwear, and is an excellent to undertake for getting development about the Nike brand name. As we know, They appeared to be carried, and the age was while using the first fresh apperance which is an extremely unique shoe from the distinct Nike and the playing golf ball shoe. 2015 Authentic Nike Kyrie 1 Shoes are built to be Retro jordans for sale able to meet the Huarache footwear really their foot. com take benefit of our stores cof Nike shoes on our very own website! Most people would agree which were the shoes of Nike incredibly advanced shoes. Besides be helped especially when using the shoes basketball shoes that are excellent players. These shoes turn out to be great Nike Shoes. In 2015,Nike is left by using a picture as a sneakers inside our Kobe And KD Shoes website. Kyrie 1 Shoes Well Improve Nike Series" /〉I like this news,and it's from jogging, the most popular form of exercise, has become the most popular form of exercise at the moment. With in-depth understanding of running knowledge and skills, runners are becoming more and more demanding for professional run Cheap air jordans for sale ning shoes. Dedicated to running professional jogging shoes family New Balance, always adhere to the innovation in running shoes. This season, New Balance new launch for the middle speed city, Fresh Foam Boracay V2 big data integrated running shoes, providing dynamic precise shock function, for runners to bring comfortable jogging experience. runners, big data updates, slow shocks, comfort, evolution, As have a hundred years of professional running shoes family, New Balance has been running demand in the product development and production of the first, sustained attention and insight for runners, is an important source of power industry brand in the leading step by step. New Balance since 2014 on the launch of the Fresh Foam technology platform focu cheap foamposites sed on the shock absorption function, and based on this platform, continuously improve, through the acquisition of running feet in the process of running in different parts (from the floor, shift the focus to push off the ground to launch the whole process of the compression degree) of human engineering data. These runners based on data and computer simulation test blueprint for mass production, every moment of the slight cushioning demand, developed a number of highly targeted design, the core is intelligent cellular structure with multiple density distribution in the bottom and outside the bottom. The inner concave honeycomb particles can absorb the impact force from the ground rapidly, strengthen the slow vibration effect, and the outer convex honeyc cheap jordans for sale mens omb particles can help stabilize the support and provide resilience. At the same time, the scientific distribution of multiple density bottom material, combined with honeycomb structure effect, accurately meet the cushioning and support demand every step of dynamic change, protecting comfortable Juegan and comprehensive for runners. Previously launched Boracay, Zante, Hierro, three models of shoes are equipped with Fresh Foam big data shock technology, respectively, meet the speed difference or running environment different runners. This season, on the basis of self upgrading of FreshFoam big data mitigation technology, Boracay V2 has also made innovations and improvements from various aspects. New Year's challenge, new mileage, no discomfort, wheth Retro jordans for sale er it is a beginner or quasi professional level runner, slow shock is the necessary function of choosing professional running shoes. In order to meet the needs of the runner and adhering to build science and technology research and development and product design concept, New Balance in the coming year, also is the new year running training program start time, urban runner launched a new Fresh Foam Boracay V2, intended to accompany the challenge of new mileage runners. continued to update the runner based on data, especially the moderate pace of ethnic groups, while maintaining the previous FreshFoam Boracay shoe precision cushioning and comfort Juegan on a new generation of more sophisticated intentions in the details. The outer sole of the shoeDo not know if you have not noticed, like the dollar, diamonds and other symbols of wealth symbols are often used in various trendspot, like Nike SB Diamond Supply Co. had jointly launched a joint shoes that let many sneakerhead are impressive. This time, the network once again spread out a Nike SB Dunk High "Tiffany" photos, I believe that will affect you sneakerhead heart again. nike-sb-dunk-high-tiffany-diamond-supply-1.jpg (101.84 KB, download number: 0) download 2013-12-17 21:56 upload : the India leather industry is planning to increase its exports to three times in the next five years. In accordance with the India leather industry 2010 vision, the total annual turnover of India leather industry will jump from the current 2 billion 400 million U. S. dollars to 7 billion U. S. dollars. the day before, at the fourteenth New Delhi International Leather Fair, the India leather leather industry growth spurt is optimistic, the current India leather industry exports accounted for 3% of the global market, of which 63% of the products are exported to Europe, and the products exported to the United States accounted for only 12% of total exports. According to the chairman of the India leather export council RafeequeAhmed introduction, at present, the main competitors of India leather industry is China from manufacturers, they have the technology and production conditions more complete large-scale processing leather products. RafeequeAhmed said: "in this case, India leather factory is more suitable for the European market, because the goods amount of European manufacturers usually once only need less, but for the variety of design and processing in high degree." India tanneries said, in order to achieve the planned growth performance, they need to attract more like the shoe giant Apache's investors. The India government recently amended the relevant laws, allowing more foreign direct investment into the relevant departments have also set up five special economic zones, specifically for the introduction of foreign leather enterprises services. In the special economic zone, the government implemented lower tariffs and built complete infrastructure to dispel the inherent bias of international investors about India's inefficiency. (Editor: admin)

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