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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Adidas favorite saying is "impossible is nothing", but this can not really happen to them - adidas, 1948 inception, has gone through a full 58 years of wind and rain Road, Nike , born in 1972, just 34 years history of struggle, but firmly secured the top spot in the world; Adidas has always been inextricably linked with football, sponsors many top soccer league, but in 2004, in the European football market Nike first with 35% of the share exceeds the Adidas 31% ...... Adidas felt an unprecedented urgency. But the German people's will can not be ignored, the upcoming World Cup in Germany, outside the stadium's big winner is none other than the non-Adidas, the company expects revenue to their World Cup will bring more than expected, Adidas football to use his name, But this is not enough, Reebok teamed up 3.1 billion euros, as a springboard, and then straight into the venture, to enter NBA. Germany local time on April 11, Adidas headquarters in Frankfurt announced that it has signed a $ 400 million agreement with the NBA, in the next 1 cheap foamposites 1 years, Adidas will become the NBA league official sponsor in the future NBA league arena, the audience not only can see Nike, Champion and other brands, you may also see Adidas Basketball supplies. Adidas To prove to the world: NBA, I can! scramble for resources will inevitably collide are committed to sports brand, is the industry leader, impact on competition for resources generated by the case of human, Adidas traditional strengths field football and track and field, soccer is the world's most attractive sports, its market value is inestimable, as the industry leader Nike will not stand idly by, Nike football products sales reached about $ 1 billion, while the English Premier League club Manchester United, Arsenal have also signed a cooperation agreement with Nike. Although, in terms of team sponsor Adidas advantage, but not the same in terms of players, Nike under capital Genghen greater. In the global market, still we occupy the leading position of Nike, Adidas ahead of the competition in order, in their traditional areas of strength in the course Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping doubly operate, hold their own stronghold, while outward expansion. In the basketball market, although early in the 30s of last century, Adidas has been in the global market sales of basketball shoes, but compared to Nike and Adidas but somewhat vulnerable. Ever since Nike signed Michael Jordan, Nike stable position in the global commodity markets if Tarzan basketball, the most popular sports in the United States since the NBA favorite Nike as the host apparently ??????? have more advantages, particularly in July 2003, Nike to $ 305 million after the acquisition of a wholly-owned sports shoe manufacturer Converse company, what opened the distance between the competitors. Now Jordan is Get the lead out, never again allowed to Nike, Adidas basketball unmatched Happy Kingdom, 3.1 billion euros together also reasonable Reebok Reebok since 2001 has been to the NBA official clothing basketball and other supplies, Reebok, Adidas joining may help achieve a breakthrough in the Nike basketball field, at present, Reebok and Yao Ming, NBA star Iverson signed a contract Cheap air jordans for sale , it can be a good start. distribution channels evenly divided In the above channels and terminal sales, Adidas and Nike can say different, par. Take in the Chinese market, Adidas and Nike have abandoned the high-end trend posture, lowered figure looks from the channel, increasing the strength of the media, sales network construction and terminal image promotion. Adidas since 2000, it has been the major cities in the country to promote the "street basketball activity", locking young people aged 18-25, each of a basketball game are very popular, so that the brand vibrant. Recently, the brand and continue to intensify efforts to promote the game extended to some of the major western cities, such as street Chengdu, Xi'an and other places can often see the Adidas brand presence. Nike did not back down, ordinary people are now CCTV Nike advertising the public do not know, but the hero is not the same for each period, so the whole Chinese people, can become the spokesman for Nike, but the condition is not too harsh Nike civilian route no less "Super Girl," the cheap jordans online popular night. according to the successful experience of the sporting goods industry, excellent brands and products must first obtain the best display of results in excellent products terminal stores, thus win market initiative and consumer confidence. However, who can have access to excellent stores or stores to get the best position, but also depending on the degree of influence and operation of the brand strength, to do the operation in specific modalities, basically in order to form the main chain of Monopoly games, in which aspect, Adidas and Nike is difficult to separate Zaichou Mao Yin to. strategic planning winner Adidas: capture cheese urgent Adidas indeed bite the bullet, do not do Big Brother for many years, and now the time is ripe, turned upside down You should also go to his head, and then, a brewing a long time to win the war finally imminent, had hair. Once upon a time, the world's first pair of skates, the first pair of shoes more clinch first Shuangjiao casting football spikes are from Adidas, especially Adidas spikes screwed type is Retro jordans for sale a very revolutionary concept, people even thought it was Germany 1954 World Cup soccer team has achieved a lot. "Pyramid" type of promotion model, the first brand in visual contact with the athletes, sports teams, major competitions and sports-related activities together in 1980, Adidas' sales reached $ 1 billion. The main product categories of market share as high as 70%. Companies producing 150 different styles of sneakers, 24 plants in 17 countries daily output reaches 200,000 pairs. Adidas products sold in 150 countries. However, after the 1980s, Adidas jogging ignored the rise in the United States the world's largest sporting goods market in this, the number of pyramid bottom of that part of the surge of consumers to participate in running activities, Adidas miss the opportunity, seize the opportunity to make sports rookie Nike, ultimate success., though they have a personal relationship, but in general, few people would harden and rapper Drake mix together, but recently two people but because of a prostitute was pulled together. the original according Retro jordans for sale to the famous gossip website, take out reports, the original harden and Drake and with a prostitute maintained close relationship. and the woman's name is Kleist, this time with Drake harden into the scandal is because she. Recently, she publicly named Drake and Harden on the social networking site, said two people are paying rent for her. This is a , it's not hard to guess, Drake and James shared a prostitute, also known as Jackson and Rodman the master had met with Jeanne buss had a love. in the last century 90's, Jeanne buss is regarded as the most romantic woman NBA. Her identity is one of the Lakers (NBA) and King (NHL) executives, but her another identity is socialite is often exposed and various athletes promiscuity of news. NBA 90's as promiscuous king, how can we let customers like Jeanne Rodman? In 1999 his salary move to Los Angeles, fans soon found his purpose is not simply to the lakers. in the short play for the Lakers, the season has shrunk, Rodman is the frequent absence of training and competition, but on the other hand, he and Jeanie buss cheap jordan shoes for men but heats up. however, when the Lakers then invited the rodman in bull's mentor, Phil Jackson, Jenny was very fast and Jackson got together. shortly after Jackson entered the Lakers, soon Jenny publicly and Jackson talked about love, and different past flings. The Jenny seems to be tempted. Although more than 16 years younger but Jeanne Jackson, but Jackson aspects are very satisfied. Jackson is not vague. Divorce is sooner or later as it climbed the Jenny's bed at the same time, his home and his wife and a group of children, Jackson external argument is emotional breakdown. Jeanne in love with Jackson after the debate: "I and Denis were single, he had just divorced his wife, Carmen, and then gave me a call. Although we have many dates, but each time we will call a group of friends to dinner, we are definitely not alone." Rodman has described Jeanne as a very sensual, saying only sports athletes are likely to meet Jeanne, and Jeanne also did have a number of athletes with the scandal. But in the communication and after Jeanne began to repair the image of Ja cheap jordans for sale ckson, who wanted to do as an understanding wife and loving mother. so, Rodman and Jackson one after all to become Jeanne's couch.Time: 2007-10-20 10:05 source: Chinese shoes Network Author: China shoes: click on the Bulgarian vehicle trade this year 1-7 month year-on-year growth of 18.4%, vehicle oil retail sales growth 8.2%, household items and home appliances trade grew by 10.5%, food, beverages and tobacco products trade growth of 9.3%, textile clothing and footwear trade grew by 8.3%, medicine and medical treatment goods trade growth of 6.8%. Wholesale trade grew by 2.9%, the fastest growth is 18.1% machine equipment, household goods 9. Bulgaria motor vehicle trade grew 18.4% 1-7 month this year, vehicle oil retail sales growth 8.2%, household items and home appliances trade grew by 10.5%, food, beverages and tobacco products trade grew by 9.3%, textile clothing and footwear trade growth 8.3%, the pharmaceutical and medical goods trade growth 6.8%. Wholesale trade grew by 2.9%, and the fastest growth was in machinery and equipment - 18.1%, househol cheap jordans for sale mens d goods - 9.9%, wholesale of processed food, feed and tobacco products fell by 1.3%, and agricultural production and wholesale wholesale living animals decreased by 0.7%. (editor in chief: admin)Because the last bombing because of the 118th Boston marathon is particularly important and meaningful. The United States is most proud of the people of Boston had become more united in the attacks, "Boston Strong" has become their firm faith, at the same time they also strongly support the city on behalf of the Celtics and Bruins, Red Sox championship. Occupation career has always played for the Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo is to the city as well as those affected by last year's marathon bombing of citizens to pay tribute, so it is the front of this special ANTA bipolar Rondo 1 PE. Shoes with white / Black Mandarin tone, collocation symbol of Marathon Blue / yellow line in detail, the bottom end point ink represents Boyles Houston street. The shoes of the tongue were printed with embroidered logo "Bostong Strong", representing the bombing date of April 15, 2013 nu Cheap air jordan 12 ovo mber 41513, "THIS IS OUR F*%^#@$information hidden inside CITY!" from David Ortiz to the Red Sox before the first home court after the bombing in emotional speech. "White / black tone is also a symbol of yin and Yang," Anta designer Brian Moughty said. "In the Chinese culture, symbol of harmony of yin and Yang, this is also the expectation of people in life. The concept of fusion of culture Chinese design is also killed the bombings in Chinese 'memorial". In addition, we will be lost in the bombing and injured people's initials on the shoe body is to pay tribute to them, "Moughty said. Now Rondo is going to put this pair of shoes to One Fund Boston personal charity fund to raise money. 980 1 (1).Jpg (114.33 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-4-22 12:35 upload 980 11 (1).Jpg (136.69 KB, download number: 6) download 2014-4-22 12:36 upload 980 13.jpg (121.76 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-4-22 12:36 upload 980 12 (1).Jpg (101.53 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-4-22 12:36 upload 980 2 (1).Jpg (170.33 KB, 02015 years is a blowout of the domestic amateur cycling race, but also the achievements of the Chinese Cycling League (CCL) a year. with a high level of competition and a wide range of participation, the Chinese bicycle League has become a benchmark for the 2015 domestic amateur cycling race. It can be said that the majority of amateur drivers are on the move in the CCL, while the CCL also promotes the growth of amateur riders, the complementary let many people see China amateur cycling race toward the higher development of hope and opportunity. 2016 years, the new Chinese bicycle League will once again hit. As the first station of the new year, Qiandao Lake will be staged team melee, after the shuffle of the NewYear team, we have reason to believe that, this year's "the link Lake fascinating degree will exceed last year. aspect one: professional team strong incoming China Bicycle League 2016 season total rules from the point of view, we found that one of the biggest bright spot or said change is in group settings added "professional group", competition is registered in the Chinese Cycling Association for professional athletes in the provinces, municipalities. before, there has never been a bike race in the country to break the boundaries between professional drivers and the general public, will they gather to a platform. The professional team was officially introduced to the new season of the China Bicycle League, will undoubtedly become China Bicycle League 2016 season the biggest breakthrough, China Bicycle League formally towards the professionalization of the first step, let us see it is actively doing to try and change. currently the official organizing committee has not yet announced the team of professional teams, but believe that the professional team to join, will give the original men's open team players bring pressure and power, for us to bring more exciting game performance. aspect two: the team rankings big reshuffle in the China Bicycle League last year, ranked the forefront of the several teams have excellent performance. However, the new season, the driver moves but let many last year ranked by the team strength damage and team rankings comprehensive reshuffle is inevitable. the specific point of view, last year's champion team lightning Chinese main have departure, strength of the most severely damaged, if you want to re board the single station champion can be described as is almost impossible; runner up team yatta, riding high on scholar special bid farewell to the Qing long Zeng and Liu Zhuqing, ushered in the Wang Lei, Xu Xin Ling and Zhu Fan heart, the overall strength and last year vary little, fight for the podium hope lingering; bid farewell to the absolute core sealing width Jie of the runner up team Merida challenger, but Qiandaohu Feng Kuan Jie not staged drama battlefield, so the impact will be like in the mountain arena as big, but will still make the strength of the team a great loss, firmly secured single station runner up also is not easy. regrettable, ranking fourth in the Mosuo China and Chinese magic Xun team more than the main driver's departure, the team new season development into a fan, could hardly have been withdraw from the lake this station for.

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