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Nike Runing in this Olympic year is really moves constantly, a variety of new products released before the dizzying, to introduce a camouflage suit for today is also a racing suit recommend. This package includes 4 Nike Runing's most advanced shoe models, Free, Run, +3, Pegasus+ 29, LunarGlide+ 4, and LunarEclipse +2. Four shoes are made of large orange red, very eye-catching. 2012-11-6 14:25 upload and download attachments (112.23 KB) 2012-11-6 upload and download attachments at 14:25 (131.8, KB) Converse Jack Purcell this pair of traditional badminton shoes, go to today is and all kinds of sports shoes out in the stadium, but Jack Purcell has turned into a street people leisure style, it has become the carrier of many interesting elements of the classic. Following the earlier Browns Beach Jacket launched a tribute wool version, Converse recently launched a special material in the version of the new Jack Purcell, a well-known British Gewen fabric cloth manufacturer British Millerain custom, with brown and green, very traditional British fashion taste, now transplanted to Jack Purcell, is the collision of two classic, interested friends to pay more attention. 2012-12-18 08:42 upload and download attachments (149.88 KB) only every four years the Olympic Games have cheap jordans for sale mens always gathered in the eyes of the world, often let the sports world debut was particularly lively, this world-class event is every athlete eager to pursue the game hall, but also to promote the development of technology behind the invisible sports brand, not less draw technology, work time is born in the year of the Olympic Games, and is remembered on the big stage. Published in 2000 and in the Sydney Olympic Games will become the team designated by the Nike Air Presto shoes, whether it is the year of regret, or to accompany you until broken, I believe there must be many of its impressive shoe prospecting, Air Presto was once again engraved from two years ago, we finally see this pair of 'USA Olympic' version to return to the market news, recently was a further real shoe exposure, and now it seems not far off (the original price is not go back, with the opening of the Olympic Games in Rio) entered the final countdown, believe that the brand will not let you wait too long, is waiting for the next official the open sale of information. source: US 11 the people of Taiwan love jogging. Even in the cold winter season, the running blood is still unimpeded. Many people keep running for a few kilometers every day even in cold climates. As the runners are running in winter nee Retro jordans for sale ds, PUMA launched a new PWRWarm series of professional sports equipment for jogging, running against the clock low temperature effect, the body can maintain the best state of constant temperature, cold blood can also become meaningless. Low temperature in winter is always a big challenge, because the temperature and the ambient temperature is low, temperature and muscle blood circulation become relatively poor, resulting in the winter to become the most prone to sports injuries of the season, therefore, how to keep the body heat, maintain body temperature is most suitable for winter sports issues can not be ignored. PUMA in PWRWarm reflective professional clothing lining in constant jogging "innovation far infrared ceramic fiber technology, can effectively block the body heat loss and absorption of heat generated in the process of maintaining motion. Far infrared ceramic fibers can emit 6~14 m far infrared absorber in the far infrared heat, easily absorbed by the body, can the skin and subcutaneous tissue with the deepest, with vibration resonance absorption, and body heat reaction, the temperature rise of deep subcutaneous, capillaries, promote blood circulation, make run at any time to maintain the temperature state of the most comfortable during exercise. in additio cheap jordans online n to professional jogging clothes outside, this year's PUMA IGNITE PWRWarm also launched a series of running shoes for tongue placement Comfortemp? Professional temperature control microcapsule technology material, can change the temperature regulating automatic induction of foot, feet of heat, to maintain optimum temperature of foot. IGNITE IGNITE PWRWarm extended features, integrally formed by PUMA exclusive IGNITE super elastic soles, provide energy feedback and comfort excellent in the running process, collocation pattern design of ForEverFoam high damping material and sole placement in bottom arrow type moment, effectively achieve the landing shock absorption and starting role feedback energy; vamp with Open Airmesh breathable mesh collocation NightCat reflective material science and technology, greatly improve the running safety at night in motion. PUMA PWRWarm series of equipment to run fearless cold weather challenges, a full range of sports goods in November 19th officially sold in Taiwan, for more information please contact: (02) 8751-5160. Since the launch of the Nike Hyperdunk Series in 2008, the annual innovation has made it a common shoe on the court. Apart from performance, a variety of color matching is also the Hyperdunk series has always been some adva Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ntages. The latest Hyperdunk 2014, in conjunction with the world cup basketball and basketball carnival, has also introduced many national or urban themed editions. But have you ever wondered what color would fit Hyperdunk 2014 if we pushed our time back to the past? Foreign site Sneakerreport will be so interesting inspiration with Nike such as Air Jordan 1, Air Bakin ten "dual classic shoes color, a mix of old and new, many products without a sense of violation and quite good-looking! Air Bakin 'Black/Varsity Red Air' Raid 'Peace' Air Flight Huarache 'Lyon Blue/Bold Berry' Air Jordan 1 'Black/Royal' Air Zoom Kobe 'V Bruce Lee' Air Max LeBron 'VII Red Carpet' Air Command Force Air Yeezy Air Mag "Tan" Air Foamposite One "Royal"PUMA adheres to the brand spirit of Forever Faster. In recent years, both in the field of fashion design or sports science and technology, we strive for constant innovation and breakthroughs. Following the 2015 launch of IGNITE shoes, 2017 officially released the new innovation and technology - NETFIT upper cladding system, main personalized band vamp design, both functional and style characteristics. PUMA Speed IGNITE NETFIT running shoes are also on sale at designated stores in Taiwan. It is suggested that the price is NT$4580, and you can refer t Cheap air jordan 12 ovo o the end of the shop information PUMA held a grand NETFIT Lacing Lab global show last week in New York, officially unveiling the brand new NETFIT technology series of shoes in 2017. In addition, the world famous brand VIP customers, and the fashion circle on the chief designers, PUMA invited the world's fastest man Usain Bolt to visit the site; in addition, the New York City Ballet, reggae music producer, Bradley Wright-Phillips, Yandel football star and fancy street football star Lisa Freestyle and Easy Man are present this event. Preemptive global experience PUMA NETFIT innovative coating technology, personally woven system designed exclusively for personal vamp style. PUMA NETFIT innovation technology using mesh upper layer coating design, lacing method make the runner for individual needs to is more suited to their feet, make the vamp more docile than moderate instep, foot is more stable than the shoe bed. The innovation of NETFIT coating technology on shoes exclusive personal use demand, bring very fitting comfort, new collocation 3D woven vamp and super elastic soles, provide a more lightweight, coating and energy feedback three advantages. , in addition to emphasizing functionality, NETFIT also meets consumer demand for personalized style, whether it is a brea cheap jordans for sale kthrough in speed, or a bold creation of personal style. From the playground, gym, extends to the street, fashion runway, PUMA is the NETFIT technology used in its different series of shoes, shoe dominance and re submitted to the hands of consumers, ties on their exclusive comfort and uniqueness. "The goal of PUMA is to push the design and progress of the product in a unique and innovative way," PUMA, global marketing director at Adam, told Petrick. NETFIT PUMA is one of the leading indicators in 2017 the most representative, it is the runner who bring hitherto unknown sense absolutely fit and comfort, more interesting is that it also provides each runners enjoy creative space, through a variety of unique ingenuity, tie.Air Jordan IX launched this year's color has many people dazzle the eyes, but this? Cool Grey absolute attention is very high, after all, Jordan himself has put it on in the period of the Wizards played a few games for Jordan fans are unforgettable memories, this paragraph will be Grey Cool? Foreign friends love December 15th sale, be sure to continue to focus on ! source: sneakernews?Nike 2015 N7 series officially released today, the Native American artist Bunky Nike invited Echo-Hawk to design N7 series of products, this is the third sides of cooper Retro jordans for sale ation, this year with "perseverance" theme, the launch of Nike KD 8, Nike Hyperdunk 2015, Air Pegasus 32, Air Max Thea, Nike Hyperfresh and five pairs of shoes dress. Nike N7 series developed since 2007, mainly to promote native American culture, to the 2009 Nike N7 Fund, N7 series of earnings will be donated to the foundation, for promoting Aboriginal youth sports projects, since this has raised more than $3 million in payments. source: NIKE, Inc. played by international supermodel and PUMA global female force on behalf of Cara Delevingne personally PUMA bow shoes caused sustained boom in the world, the Taiwan area after the black and white patent leather PUMA Basket Heart and bright Macarons suede shoes PUMA Suede Heart, PUMA announced that it will re introduce new color suede wide Bow Shoes Suede Heart Satin, and in April 27th in the northern, central and southern regions of the three PUMA counters to sell limited shinguang. PUMA Suede Heart Satin with the brand's most classic history of shoes Suede prototype, PUMA Suede retains the soft suede uppers, soles with fine powder embellishment, shoelace has been replaced by silk ribbon into a wide bow, show the texture of elegant and gorgeous romantic fun. The new change Macarons pink pink and black image, launched two Cheap air jordans for sale new color, let the girls enjoy self style. PUMA Suede Heart Satin elegant atmosphere is also very suitable for girls as wedding shoes, dress collocation can subvert the previous crystal high-heeled shoes stereotypes, shoe of bright color brilliant pink wide bow, contrast with white gauze, can reveal the modern girl unique romantic wedding. PUMA Suede Heart Satin price 2980 yuan, the PUMA special cooperation and Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department store, will be 4/27 in Taipei Xinyi A11 Museum, Museum of Mitsukoshi Taichung, Tainan Simon Museum, a total of three PUMA PUMA Suede Heart to sell specified counters in Satin, and the next day (4/28) Taiwan designated PUMA comprehensive store officially on sale. More information please contact: 02-87515160. 4 /27 store informationTaipei A11 PUMA / 02-8789-6247 counter Mitsukoshi Xinyi / Taipei city Songshou Road No. 11 building 4 source: PUMA Taiwan / CalirootsNew Balance Lifestyle branch recently on a trip to Europe, opening joint cooperation with the four famous shops are located in Scotland Hanon, Barcelona 24 Kilates, Sweden Sneakersnstuff Stockholm and Berlin Firmament, the choice of retro football shoes derivative to new shoes New Balance Epic TR as the protagonist, the four a joint experience shop, with the city features cheap foamposites the design inspiration, the representative works, like the Firmament store is taken from the famous Berlin landmarks L40, also known as black maze, geometric design with sharp on a dark gray color, showing full of mysterious atmosphere texture. The New Balance also invited football magazine MUNDIAL shooting this series of image books, for its better football color series will be on June 11th in the joint cooperation Store sale. 24, Kilates, x, New, Balance, Epic-TR Hanon, x, New, Balance, Epic-TR Sneakersnstuff, x, New, Balance, Epic-TR Firmament, x, New, Balance, Epic-TR source: New Balance UK / HypebeastPutian the reputation of "Chinese shoes, footwear export growth was positive for ten consecutive years to two digits, even the downturn in 2011, Putian export of footwear exports $2 billion 266 million, an increase of 15.73%, a record high. Still, the scene in Putian's shoe industry has been overwhelmed by relentless data. From the Putian inspection and Quarantine Bureau statistics show that 1-2 months of this year, Putian area exports of footwear 11083, the value of $315 million, respectively, an increase of -0.4% and 0.9% batches, fell for the first time, the value of growth. industry analysis, the internal and external environment double extrusion, so that footwe cheap jordan shoes for men ar exports lost support, resulting in a sharp slowdown in footwear export growth this year. lack of independent innovation capability: more than 200 shoe enterprises only 2 well-known brands at present, the majority of Putian shoe enterprises for OEM processing, more than 200 shoes on the scale of enterprises among them, only "Voight", "double Chi" two well-known brands. Enterprises have low technology content, low value-added products, lack of overall scientific research, development, design, information, talent and related software and hardware, and the development and innovation of enterprises remain at the initial stage such as style renovation. Because of the lack of innovation capability, enterprises are always in a disadvantageous position in the face of the competitive market. recruitment difficult to lead to insufficient production capacity: dual German footwear production line discontinued it is understood that the Putian shoe enterprises now have the different degree of labor shortage, "workers battle is staged continuously, many enterprises due to lack of work not a single, and some were forced to stop part of the pipeline, such as two production lines of the original German double shoe, due to a shortage of workers, only one production line running. costs rose sharply to curb single power: comprehensive cost increase of 20% composite costs rose sharply, inhibiting the enthusiasm of enterprise orders. Raw and auxiliary materials rose, labor costs increased, making the annual production costs increased by about 20%. To Lifeng shoes industry as an example, last year, ordinary workers the minimum wage is 1600 yuan / month, this year is 1850 yuan / month, and the surface of a material per meter rose 0.3 yuan, leather per foot also rose 0.2 yuan, under the circumstances, many enterprises have lost enthusiasm for orders. European debt crisis led to shrinking orders: low-cost advantage gradually lost recently, although the performance of the U.S. economy index of optimism, the debt crisis in Europe towards a good direction, but the vulnerability of the European debt crisis shows that Putian shoe export orders in 2012 to shrink, the advantage of low cost and Chinese manufacturing industry itself has gradually lost, the area of Putian shoe enterprises a lot of low-end transfer orders, some low quality and low price the small enterprises was ruthlessly eliminated. shoes enterprises rely too much on the market in Europe and America: the ability to resist risk is poor, Putian footwear products are more export-oriented, the main selling Europe and the United States market. According to the Putian inspection and Quarantine Bureau statistics, the first 2 months of this year)Time: 2007-10-04 09:42 source: China shoes Network Author: China shoes net Click: second, this year, Vietnam's merchandise exports continue to maintain steady growth. 1-9 months, Vietnam's total merchandise exports amounted to 35 billion 200 million U. s.dollars, an increase of 19.4%. Among them, foreign-funded enterprises exported 14 billion U. s.dollars (excluding crude oil), an increase of 32%. Exports of textiles and crude oil topped $5 billion. Other main commodities export volume is: footwear products ($3 billion), aquatic products ($2 billion 700 million), carpentry (1 billion 700 million, ); this year, Vietnam's merchandise exports continue to maintain steady growth. 1-9 months, Vietnam's total merchandise exports amounted to 35 billion 200 million U. s.dollars, an increase of 19.4%. Among them, foreign-funded enterprises exported 14 billion U. s.dollars (excluding crude oil), an increase of 32%. Exports of textiles and crude oil topped $5 billion. The other main commodity exports: footwear ($3 billion), water, wood products ($2 billion 700 million) ($1 billion 700 million), electronic and electronic parts ($1 billion 500 million), coffee ($1 billion 500 million), rice ($1 billion 300 million) and rubber ($933 million). (editor in chief: admin)This is the Air Force 1 NIKE 30th anniversary, in the past thirty years has brought us countless classic color Air Force 1, I believe there will be more classic Air Force 1 appears to mark the two classic shoes came 30th anniversary this year. NSW has launched the pure white Air Force 1 Low Foamposite, and this winter, NSW will bring us a new color version, which is appeared in "spray" on the water blue. The new version is not the color of the light has changed, with the Air Foamposite One design style on the shoe side of the Swoosh to make adjustments, so both "spray" feeling in this version, and the old small hook Air Force 1 feeling. source: highsnobiety NIKE x R.T. joint shoes I think it is one of the hottest recent fashion shoes and so on it, this unique fashion high street shoes to collocation, now we bring you a fashion of people Nike x R.T. other collocation street. Hot summer girls OVER SIZE collocation T-shirt or shorts and other supporting accessories, looks quite COOL. And the boys Riccardo Tisci talked about the tight fitting T-shirt and pants is very wrong. I don't know. How did you get these shoes together?

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