Three Easy Steps to Buying a Piano!

Purchasing a piano can seem like an overwhelming experience to many. There are scores of brands; a large selection of types of pianos from grands, verticals, digitals; not to mention the various levels of quality that are available. If you are thinking and feeling that a piano would be a fine acquisition for your home, for yourself or other family members (perhaps the kids are taking lessons), you just might feel like you’re standing in the cereal aisle at the grocery store and trying to make a decision on what to get! There are so many choices that it seems overwhelming.

However, there’s an advantage to coming to a store like Piano World. We are always striving to be in the know about the industry; able to help folks through the maze and, more than that, we are passionate experts in the world of pianos! We’re proud of the fact that we’re not just sales people but musicians and technicians each with at least 30 years experience in the music business. (Yes, we started young!) So we’ll be glad to help you figure out just what you want, need and will be forever happy with after the fact. Our mission is to provide you with the best possible instrument within the budget you determine.

Step 1 - Buying a Piano

First- consider all the reasons that people buy pianos and ask yourself some important up front questions.

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Step 2 - Buying a Piano

Here are some helpful guidelines about what’s available. Digital pianos come in basically two varieties...

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Step 3 - Buying a Piano

Consider the warranty of the piano & company.

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So now that you’re better informed about pianos, come see us to find the perfect piano for your needs. If you feel like giving us a call or sending an email, we’re here at your service!

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